Nationwide Experts in Physician Recruitment – Locum Tenens and Direct Hire Introductions

We know there are more than a few reasons doctors today are choosing to work locum tenens. We’re interested in knowing you and your reasons.

It may be the desire to pick up some extra shifts in the ED to help pay for a kid in college, or a more flexible schedule as a Hospitalist to allow for time off with family and friends. Sometimes it’s a way to try out different facilities before signing on the dotted line, or on the other end of the spectrum, a way to retire from a full time practice and still enjoy working on your own terms.

Whatever the reason, our team is dedicated to finding options that make sense to you. Our pledge is to earn trust and respect in every relationship we build – our focus is on lasting connections.

Working with NorTek, you’ll see a difference – it’s not about what opportunities we may have, It’s about what opportunities we will find specifically for you.



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