Physician Jobs

Physician Locum Tenens and Direct Hire

Physician locum tenens and direct hire are two types of medical staffing needs that we help with often. Over 80% of Hospitals use locums in some capacity. We try and connect the Physician to the job that best suits them, and vice versa.

Recruiting physicians is predicted to become harder in the near future. Locum tenens physicians are increasingly being seen as critical participants in clients’ recruitment and retention plans. Here at Nortek Medical Staffing Inc, we are proud to be experts in an expanding field, where we really make a difference.
A locum tenens physician is someone who fills in for another physician when they are absent for a particular reason, retirement, vacations, short staff, busier volumes, or whatever the reason may be, we are there to try and help close the gap. Due to budgetary or other business constraints, employers may need to hire a physician locum instead of a full-time employee on occasion. On the other hand, direct-hire physicians are sometimes desired, and we can discuss both options with you.

All in all, locum tenens is short-term (or sometimes long-term) option that can help the facility and also help you earn extra income while serving a community that needs a physician like you!